Who We Are

We are committed to provide an exclusive Muslim burial place for the Muslim community in Southern California.

United Islamic Youth Organization (UIYO) has leased the grounds to Southern California Islamic Cemetery (SCIC) with the restriction that the grounds be used exclusively as a Islamic burial site. SCIC is the only fully dedicated Islamic cemetery in Southern California. Our cemetery is unique from any other in Southern California because it is an exclusive Muslim burial ground. Our cemetery has been serving the Muslim community for over 30 years.

We will work tirelessly to provide the most compassionate service during your family’s time of need.

Our Mission

Ensure Muslim community of Southern California has their own full service cemetery which exclusively provides, maintains, preserves and sustains burials in accordance with Islamic guidelines. Each burial is completed according to strict Islamic guidelines. Further, each burial plot is positioned in the direction facing Mecca.

Ensure cemetery services are accessible to all Muslims at a minimal cost by raising adequate funds through the support of Muslim community to accomplish our mission. Both the UIYO and SCIC are run entirely by volunteers and is a non-profit entity. The SCIC has no funeral home or a funeral director on payroll.